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We are paying you to tell the world about BlogExpose. Once you refer a free qualified signup, we pay you $0.20.

We do not wait for your referrals to make any payment before we pay you. Once your referrals are approved, your affiliate account will be credited. We pay your commission anytime as soon as you hit the minimum required amount of $20.
You must have a paypal account ready to recieve payment.

To be qualified as an affiliate:

  • You must be an active blogger with an active blog
  • You must signup as a blogger and have your account approved
  • You must use a gravatar enabled email to signup
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Once you are approved, click the 'Affiliates' button within your account to enter your paypal email address and grab your affiliate link.

NB: There are many ways to promote BlogExpose and make money. Given that we pay you per free signup, it is litterally easy to start making the money.

Here are some proposed methods to start promoting right now:

  • Write a blog post about BlogExpose. Check out this post for more information about the platform. Link to the platform on your affiliate link
  • Share your affiliate link on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc)
  • Send a mail to your list about the platform
  • Etc...

We hate fraudsters

If you think you will change your IPs, clear cookies to signup under different names, forget. We have a strong fraud detection system. Any fraudsters MUST be uncovered. Once we discover you, we will freeze your account and any past earnings withdrawn. You may be wise. We are wiser

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We need sponsors to sponsor our affiliate program. In return, we give you exposure. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.