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How it works

BlogExpose is a job board connecting bloggers with advertisers looking to promote their product or brand.

As an Advertiser

All you have to do is post your job offer. You will have to indicate how much (the least amount in US Dollars) you are willing to pay per post. However, you can give more details in the description box. Bloggers that are interested in the offer will click to apply. A conversation will be opened between you and the blogger. Of course, you will be able to view the bloggers' profiles, including any posts they have written in the past. This will help you with more information while hiring from our platform.

The system allows you to hire as many bloggers as you need for the job. Once you are satisfied with a blogger, just click the HIRE button. This is a necessary steps and it adds more value to the bloggers' profiles.
NB: We don't handle payment on this platform. While you discuss with the blogger, you arrange on payment.

Types of jobs to post

  1. Product Reviews for Cash or Free Copies (Google Compliant): This simply allows you to pay bloggers (With cash or free copies) to write about your product/service and do massive promotion on their blogs, social media, list, etc
  2. Recruitment of Affiliate Bloggers (Special Commission): If you are a vendor with an affiliate program, you can recruit bloggers on BlogExpose to write about your product and earn commissions per sale. For this to be more effective, your affiliate platform should be able to generate unique coupon codes for your Affiliates. Each blogger you recruit on BlogExpose should be generated a unique coupon code. If you post a 'Special Commission' job type and we realize you don't generate unique promotion codes with higher commission rates for our bloggers, we will suspend your offer.
  3. Blogging Contests (Cash Prizes only): Want to organize a blogging contest to promote your product? You can post your contest on BlogExpose. However, if your prizes are not pure cash, your job will not be approved.
  4. Freelancing: This allows you to hire freelance writers/bloggers to develop content for your blog/campaigns.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't encourage any action that voilates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Every outbound link in paid posts should be nofollow to completely comply

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As a blogger

Go through jobs and simply click to apply. This will open a conversation between you and the advertiser. Once the job is awarded you, go ahead and publish the article according to the needs of the advertiser.

NB: You will have to complete your profile. Help the advertisers discover your worth by given them details about you and your writing experience. Make sure to provide links to the last 3 reviews you did. This will surely say more about you and the quality you can offer.

To get more exposure and be hired by advertisers, make sure your profile is featured on the home page and in advertisers account.

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