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Review false eyebrows

Posted by: PrettyLoxx
Date: 2018-01-02-124014
Amount: Free Copies

Video or Instagram review of product or step by step demo photos required.

Re-usable eyebrows with a clear PU (not lace) base which appears like and blends with skin. The nature of the base makes these eyebrows less prone to shedding, less delicate. less detectable and more durable than the lace based version.
These are not transfers or temporary tattoos but real hair eyebrow replacement/enhancement. The brows are made from human hair and can be shaped to suit male and female faces. The wearer's brows do not need to be shaved to use this product. 
Cosmetic or medical grade adhesive required e.g. lace wig adhesive or tape. Why do these eyebrows cost much more than your false eyelashes? These eyebrows are not machine made like eyelashes. They are made by hand with each strand of hair attached one at a time. It is very time consuming and intricate work. 
The product is shipped in discreet packaging which does not bear our logo. 
The free adhesive is of cosmetic grade and has a moderate hold sufficient for daily use. Other cosmetic and medical grade adhesives can be bought separately to suit specific requirements. We do not manufacture any adhesives.
free adhesive with each order
selection of hair colours available from stock- all others colours available upon request
other brow shapes made to order
transparent PU base
brows can be trimmed to required shape and length
eyebrow pencil compatible
instructions included
ships in discreet packaging not bearing our logo
all colours available

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